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Feeling Your Pain and Providing the Gain
Producing games on multiple platforms, while trying to make your release date? NetDevil, Gazillion Entertainment, and LEGO Corporation feel your pain. Using the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA), they make it easy to efficiently and rigorously validate quality and performance of content across numerous platforms. [PDF]
 Feeling Your Pain and Providing the Gain [PDF]

A Rich Landscape of Opportunity for ISVs

Graphics Goodness on Tap

A Helping Hand for Digital Media Applications

High-Profile Intel AppUpSM Center Gives Developers a Trustworthy Online Marketplace

A Successful Twist on Business Connects: Intelligent Matchmaking

New Technology Focus Area Helps You Create Power-Efficient Applications

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Member News
CakeManage Optimizes Their CRM App For Power-Efficiency and Multi-core
CakeManage is an Israel-based maker of customer relationship management software who improved their software quality with the help of the Intel Software Assessment Tools for Multi-core and Power Efficiency. [PDF 558KB]

Corensic’s Concurrency-Debugging Software Keeps Threads In Order
Seattle-based Corensic used Intel® Thread Checker to help make Jinx, which simulates thread timings while a program is running to help uncover hard-to-find concurrency errors. [PDF 356KB]

MBA Sciences: Making Python Parallel
MBA Sciences offers SPM.Python, a version of the Python* programming language that helps developers take advantage of hardware parallelism. Use SPM.Python to augment new or existing serial scripts for scalability across parallel hardware, or to execute multiple applications in parallel. [PDF 382KB]

Neuron Games Brings Awesome Gaming To a Laptop Near You
U.S. company Neuron Games enabled their Super Cortex* game development system to fully utilize Intel Graphics technology on computers from the mainstream laptop to the high-end gaming rig, and to publish games for multiple platforms with little added effort. [PDF 344KB]

HostCERT Tripled Processing Capacity In Its HC Gateway Application
Brazilian company HostCERT developed HC Gateway to allow ISPs to prevent unauthorized access to an Internet network without significantly affecting performance, helping to ensure that only authorized systems gain Internet access. [PDF 336KB]

TeknoBuild Optimizes Its Threaded Code To Help Customers Prosper
TeknoBuild of Cairo, Egypt delivers excellent results and maximum server performance to its customers. By optimizing code today, the company knows its solution will scale with future Intel server platforms as they become available. [PDF 1.4MB]

Paiva Piovesan Goes Multi-Core With Its ERP Solution
Brazilian company Paiva Piovesan optimized its ERP software suite for Intel® multi-core technology--providing even faster business analytics, project management, and human resources solutions to its customers. [PDF 710KB]

WMSL Drives Up Risk-Management Performance on Multicore
Thai company Wealth Management System Limited (WMSL), maker of financial-services software, optimized the performance and capabilities of its software and marketed it more successfully through the Intel Software Partner Program.

Check out the latest applications optimized for Intel platforms:

Kraze, 7Seas Technologies Limited
13 different vehicles, 8 different locations around the world – develop your concentration, car handling, and racing skills in the Kraze Championship race.

iClone, Reallusion
Ignite your creativity with 3D real-time animated filmmaking for movies, web video, widgets and more.

Safe and Secure Banking with Netbooks
Program member Zemana Ltd. of Turkey optimized their anti-virus product Zemana Safe Banking using the Intel® Atom™ SDK, and lists the product in the Developer Catalog available through the Intel® Atom Developer Program. Because it is optimized for the Intel Atom processor, Zemana Safe Banking helps Netbook users safely and reliably make secure online financial transactions.

Indusgeeks Solutions Brings a Virtual World to Virtually Any Device
Working with the Intel® Software Partner Program, Indusgeeks Solutions of India has found ways to stretch the capabilities of graphics hardware to deliver immersive, engaging online virtual worlds on a broad range of user devices. [PDF 173KB]

Neo IT Solutions of Israel Improves Cost Efficiency of Video Surveillance
Neo IT Solutions tapped into resources from the Intel Software Partner Program to help improve the scalability of their solution on multi-core hardware, supporting not only more threads, but spawning the right number of threads. [PDF 154KB]

Success Stories From Around The World
Members use the resources of the Intel® Software Partner Program to improve their software and bring it to the global market. Check out success stories from your region on our Success Stories page. Read all about it -- then tell us your story.

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Middle East/Africa
Technology, Program, Events, & Benefits
A Developer's Adventure Guide to Sandy Bridge
It is time to explore! Go where the Visual Computing masters go to read, learn, and talk with the people who brought you extra multitasking and performance for mainstream gaming.15 whitepapers, 8 videos, blog posts with more blogs and interviews on their way!

Angry Birds Come To Roost at the Intel® AppUpSM Store
Bob Duffy comes clean on his addiction to 'bird launching' and why it is one of the most exciting games available in the AppUp store! Bob doesn’t hold back on his secrets between a “good app” and a “good application.”

Threading Challenge 2010 – Grand Prize Winners
The judging is final for the last set of problems for Threading Challenge 2010. See who won the Laptop and the Apple iPod Touch* grand prizes!

Germany and UK: Defend and Win!
If you live in Germany or the UK you could make all that time you spending blogging instead of working actually pay off! Tell us what you think of the Intel® AVX launch or ask a question.

Manageability and Security Made Easy
Technology Article: Something this powerful needs a guide! Let us gently take you by the hand and lead you through the wonders of Intel® vPro(TM) technology. Still confused? Ask our engineers.

Intel® Software Assessment Tools Forum
The Intel® Software Partner Program offers easy-to-use Intel® Software Assessment Tools to support developers' enabling efforts around Intel technology. Engage in conversation with each other about using the tools in our forum.

New Manageability Developer Tool Kit
Gael gives the gift that keeps on giving, the Manageability Developer Tool Kit! She has wrapped it up nicely for you, as only Gael can do!

Previous News:

Intel Announces the Ultimate Performance Toolkit
Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® C++ Studio XE bring you Intel's industry-leading C++ and Fortran compilers, libraries, and error-checking, security, and profiling tools that help developers maximize application performance, security, and reliability.

Manageability Developers Conference: Read What You Missed!
The Manageability and Security Community sponsored four presenters at one of the largest gatherings for manageability developers. Read the blog on the event and ask questions of Intel engineers for their take on the different topics.

Intel® Manageability Checker v2.0 Coming In 2011
The next generation of the Intel Manageability Checker is coming soon to support Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) 6.0 use cases and features, as well as 64-bit Windows. Until then, use the current version, selecting the “Other” use case to document the Intel® AMT 6.0 features and be eligible for marketing benefits now.

Supercomputers, HPC, and More at SC’10
Whether you went to Supercomputing 2010 or not, catch up on what the show had to offer by reading the blog from Jeff Kataoka, Intel® Software Partner Program Marketing Manager.

Threading Challenge 2010 – Grand Prize Winners Announced ›
The Threading Challenge 2010 closed on November 1, 2010, and the judges evaluated the Apprentice and Master level scores to determine the Grand Prize winners. See who won the laptop and the Apple iPod Touch* grand prizes.

The Serial On-ramp to the Multi-core Highway – Some Rules of the Road
Proper preparation is key to successfully parallelizing code for multi-core systems. Consider these rules of the road for parallelizing code from one expert.

High performance AES block cipher using new AES-NI instructions
Learn the new instruction set to implement AES algorithms using hardware for accelerated performance (3-10x faster than a software-only implementation).

Supercomputing 2010 Disruptive Technologies Feature Program Member MBA Sciences
Selected for their scalable, parallel version of the Python language, Intel Software Partner Program Member, MBA Sciences, will be a featured member of the SC10 Disruptive Technologies Participants. See the Disruptive Technologies exhibits in the exhibit hall while you're at SC'10 in New Orleans.

Fast Track Winners at IDF
See the Fast Track winners talk about their experience with the Intel® Software Partner Program and how Intel® Software Assessment Tools streamlined their product development.
Document Solutions (Brazil)
CakeManage (Israel)
EFlowsys Co Ltd. (Thailand)
The Anigraphical Etudes (USA)

Maximize Video App Development With Intel Tools
Learn how using the Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Media Checker can help optimize your applications, and boost performance and development efficiency, all while preparing for the future.

Power Efficiency Resources For Your Mobile Applications
Are you optimizing your mobile application for longer battery life on Intel® processors? Battery life is a top concern for mobile notebook and netbook users. Check out the new resources in Power Efficiency on the Intel® Software Network Mobility Community.

Intel® Array Building Blocks (Intel® ArBB) v1.0 Beta 1 is Now Available
Intel® ArBB combines the best of Intel Ct Technology and Rapidmind technology into a single, powerful software development product that frees application developers from dependencies on particular low-level parallelism mechanisms or hardware architectures.

Parallel Programming Resources at the Currency Improvement Center
Are you using the Intel® Concurrency Checker to measure your multicore software performance? Visit the Concurrency Improvement Center on the Intel Parallel Programming Community to quickly find resources to help improve your scaling results.

Go to the Games Developer Conference (GDC) 2011 Free!
Make your 3D Title a household name. Use the Intel® Graphics Checker and join our quick contest to be eligible to win a free trip to GDC 2011 in San Francisco.

Free Gartner Research Reports on the Latest Trends
This quarter’s free Gartner Research reports give you the edge. Check out the report on mobile technology trends in 2010 and 2011, how your customers assess server-hosted virtual desktop (SHVD) solutions, and selecting the best hosted virtual desktop (HVD) client.

BlackHat and DEF CON: It’s like you’re there!
If you didn’t have a chance to attend BlackHat USA 2010 or DEF CON 18 this year, live vicariously through Dan’s account of the events.

It’s All Happening November 13-19 at SC10
Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with us at this year’s Supercomputing event where Intel will be hosting a technical theater in our booth (#2813) as well as presenting several technical sessions including: “Domain-specific Languages and Infrastructure” (Birds of a Feather); and “Using Ct Technology for Efficient Development of Multi-core Applications” (Tutorial).

Need Higher Performance On NUMA-based Nehalem-EX Systems With MKL?
Discover this new article that discusses methods to get higher performance on NUMA-based Nehalem-EX system with MKL without controlling NUMA policy for shared memory.

Parallel Programming Talk on Intel Software Network TV
Watch the Parallel Programming Talk show every other Tuesday morning at 8:00 am PST and engage with experts on the latest parallel programming topics.

Fast Track Experience Contest Winners
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Fast Track Experience Contest, and congratulations to our seven worldwide winners, who will be our guests at IDF 2010 in San Francisco!

Great Minds Think: Manageability
Intel Engineers are gathering on 17 and 18 November at the 6th Annual Manageability Developers Conference in Santa Clara, California to talk cloud computing, DASH 1.0, and system management.

Intel® Threading Challenge 2010 – Phase 2: Let the Coding Begin
Phase 1 may be over, but you still have the opportunity to participate. Phase 2 began August 9, and ends November 1, 2010. Don’t miss the chance to show off your threading skills, have some fun, and maybe even win a prize!

New Research Reports From Forrester* and Gartner*
Get your free copies of research from industry leaders, including reports on cloud computing, choosing development tools for smartphone apps, fostering software innovation, and more.

Did You Miss Us at SIGGRAPH?
If you missed us at Siggraph 2010 it’s not too late to hear about the technology demos, presentations, and tech talks that Intel presented at the event.

Intel® Threading Challenge 2010 Phase 2 Starts on August 9, 2010!
This year’s challenge gives developers of all levels a chance to test their threading skills, compete against their peers, and possibly win prizes. Developers new to threading can participate in the APPRENTICE level, and experienced developers can participate in the MASTER level.

NEW! Intel Co-marketing Identifier Badge Available!
Let potential customers know that your product is enhanced for Intel architecture by displaying the new Intel Co-Marketing Identifier. Available now for members that complete projects that meet enabling criteria requirements.

Access to Software Assessment Tools Made Easy
Get fast and easy access to Intel® Software Assessment Tools on the new software assessment website. Information is easier to find, project steps are consolidated, and now any registered user can download and use these tools.

Meet the newest Manageability Black Belt, Javier Andres Caceres!
Learn from Javier's experience using the Intel® Manageability Checker and share you own experience or ask questions.

Developer Resources and Technology Discussions
Check out the Intel Software Network communities and discover developer and programming resources for the latest Intel technologies and an array of technology forum discussions to share programming ideas and techniques.

Three Great Reasons to Assess your application based on Intel® vPro™ Technology
Read what Intel’s vPro Application Engineer-extraordinaire, Andrew Schiestl, is saying about the Manageability Software Assessment Tools.

Show Your Customers You're A Program Member
Put the Intel Software Partner logo on your website, in your marketing collateral, and anywhere else your customers might see it to show that you focus on the latest technologies.

Watch For The Power Efficiency Technology Focus Area
Give users maximum mobility by building power-efficient applications using Intel technologies that let your software accomplish more with less drain on your users’ batteries. Coming in July 2010!

Download Your Free Gartner and Forrester Research Reports
Did you know that you have access to FREE research reports from Gartner and Forrester? They are updated every quarter, so get your Q2 reports from these respected sources while they are still available.

New Co-Marketing Identifier Program Badge Available in July
The Intel® Product Identifier Program ‘runs best on’ series of badges have been retired and are no longer available. A new ‘enhanced for’ Intel core badge will be available to our members in late July. Look for more details in our July newsletter.

New Intel® Xeon® Processor Pushes Mission Critical into the Mainstream
Intel's fastest high-performance computing chip provides an average of three times increase in processing speed and has more than 20 new reliability features.

Video Podcasts on New Intel® Software Assessment Tools
Two Intel product marketing managers talk about the features and benefits of the newest Intel Software Assessment Tools.
Intel Manageability Checker
Intel Media Acceleration Checker

40% Discount on Technical Books From Intel Press
Use your 40% member discount on Intel Press books and get your copy of Multi-Core Programming, Software Optimization Cookbook, Video In The 21st Century, and many more.

Now Available: The Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications
The Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications provides technical articles on application threading, synchronization, memory management, programming tools, and the latest guidelines for developing efficient multithreaded applications.

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