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Benefit from customized communications that address your unique needs, interests and preferences when you complete and maintain your profile.

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The Intel® Software Partner Program can give you an edge, with benefits and resources to help you map your business strategies to the latest market opportunities, develop innovative solutions using powerful tools, establish a stronger market presence, and gain greater business success.
Plan and Strategize
For Executives and Business Decision Makers
Lead your company to future growth by taking advantage of emerging trends and technologies through access to Intel platform and technology roadmaps and business planning tools that help increase your company’s success.

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Develop and Solve
For Engineers and Technology Decision Makers
Help make your products stand out in their class by making the most of their capability and performance on cutting-edge Intel architecture. Benefit from a wide range of technical resources that assist you in each stage of development, including access to development platforms, a wealth of technical resources, and world-class engineering support.

Innovate on Intel Architecture
Technical Resources
Market and Sell
For Marketing and Sales Executives
Roll out high-impact programs that capitalize on the power of joint marketing with an industry leader to increase sales and customer preference for your products.

Marketing and Sales Resources
Find Solutions

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