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Programme to drive awareness of the benefits of the internet for citizens

INDIA, Gujarat, Gandhinagar, 15th January, 2009 – As a part of Intel’s “Connected Indian” initiative Intel’s Net Yatra reached Gandhinagar today. Net Yatra is a part of a country wide effort by Intel to educate citizens about the benefits of the Internet, thereby driving awareness and adoption of the same.

Speaking about Net Yatra, Rajesh Gupta, Director – Sales and Marketing, Intel South Asia said, “Intel recognizes that the Internet is capable of transforming lives and the future of our country. At the same time we also recognize that there are hundreds of Indians who are either unaware of or have never experienced Internet usage. Through the ‘Net Yatra’ we hope to educate people about the benefits of the Internet, while offering them a hands-on experience of the same. Our goal is to reach out to eighty cities over the next few months.”

As part of the ‘Net Yatra’, specially designed buses travel to schools and colleges across the country. Designed to give a classroom feel, the air-conditioned buses are equipped with plasma screens and Intel-powered Netbooks and notebooks, equipped with 24 hour Internet connectivity. Once on the bus, the audience is shown how the Internet works as well as live demonstrations of applications which can simplify day-to-day life, such as booking tickets online through the Indian Railway Ticketing site (www.irctc.com), visiting Indian language news sites such as Google Gujarati and online education for school students and teachers through sites like Edurite’s Mathguru Demo.

NIIT is helping further this cause by having launched an affordable course called the ‘Swift NetConnect’ course. This is a 12 hour module which covers the fundamentals of PC and Internet usage and costs only Rs. 500. It is available at all NIIT centres across the country.

Since the first ‘Net Yatra’ was flagged of on October 13th at Tumkur, 15 cities in the West, 13 for South and 4 for North India have been covered and the response has been overwhelming. Till date the ‘Net Yatra’ has reached out to 55,600 Indians.

Industry Effort to drive broadband and Internet connectivity

In August this year Intel announced the launch of an industry-wide movement called the ‘Connected Indians’ where government, industry associations and private enterprise have come together for the common cause of connecting a billion Indians. The movement is intended to mobilize people, resources and infrastructure to connect citizens to information, ideas, people, capital and services leading to overall development and future success.

As India makes significant economic strides, the Internet is fast emerging as a defining step in education, communication, business and entertainment. However while Indians comprise almost a fifth of the world’s population only a miniscule section are connected to the Internet. The ‘Connected Indians’ movement is an ambitious multi-year effort to change that. Intel is working with a number of industry partners to make this dream a reality.

The ‘Net Yatra’ is yet another step towards building the momentum for the ‘Connected Indians’ movement.

Affordable low-cost device to drive Internet access

The Intel Atom processor was launched earlier this year to enable an emerging class of affordable Internet-centric devices called Netbooks and Nettops. Netbooks are compact mobile devices that children, first-time Internet users and people who desire an extra PC can use for basic computing applications, listening to music, e-mailing and surfing the Internet. They can also be used for playing basic online games, social networking and making voice over IP phone calls.

With personal computing increasingly going mobile and the computer industry rapidly developing new classes of products to connect the next billion people to the Internet, the Intel Atom processor offers customers the unique ability to innovate around the new low-power design. In addition to this, Nettops and Netbooks are perfectly suited to enable first-time users to connect to the Internet.

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