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Six Indian Software Companies Join the Itanium® Solutions Alliance to Drive Aggressive Growth in Itanium 2-Based Hardware and Software Solutions

Intel Launches New Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 Processor which Offers Double Performance and Reduces Power Consumption

Mumbai, August 3, 2006 – The Itanium® Solutions Alliance (ISA) and Intel today announced the addition of six Indian software companies – i-flex Solutions Ltd., Lifetree Convergence Ltd., Mithi Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Nucleus Software Exports Ltd., Ramco Systems and Subex Azure Ltd. – as newly enlisted members of the Alliance in India, and Intel’s continued support of the platform with five new products. The ISA is a global community of hardware, operating system and application vendors dedicated to accelerating the adoption and ongoing development of Itanium 2-based solutions. The Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing its membership with support for enabling and marketing of key solution stacks, such as infrastructure software, for targeted market segments around the Intel® Itanium® 2 platform.

Commenting on the milestone, William Wu, Itanium Solutions Alliance Asia Pacific Regional Committee chairman said, “Globally, India is a software powerhouse making a profound impact on the industry, and these six companies joining the Alliance are a great endorsement of the Intel Itanium 2 product as the platform of choice. With this membership addition we now have some of the strongest software companies from India as active members of the Alliance. Going forward we expect this momentum to continue”.

This announcement also comes at a time when Intel Itanium 2 celebrates its fifth anniversary since the processor was first launched in June 2001. First conceived in the late 80s as a brave new move away from what were seen as the limitations of RISC-based computing, Intel has worked cooperatively with a diverse group of industry vendors to realize the full potential of Intel Itanium 2 as a platform.

On this anniversary, Intel also unveiled five new products in the Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 Processor 9000 series. Previously codenamed “Montecito”, the new processors are designed for the most sophisticated high-end computing platforms in the world. Dual-core Itanium 2-based systems target areas such as business analytics, large data warehouses and HPC areas. This is increasingly important as companies continue to strive for real-time decision making based on increasingly large amounts of data. These new dual-core products double the performance and lower energy requirements, improving performance per Watt by 2.5 times compared to existing, single-core versions. All server-maker members of the Itanium Solutions Alliance will launch new Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 Processor 9000 series-based products later this year.

Unlike RISC-based products, the Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 Processor 9000 series offers unbeatable flexibility through a broad choice of software with more than 8,000 applications in production, and support from 10 operating systems. In virtually all areas, momentum for Itanium 2-based systems is growing. More applications were added during the first half this year than were available in 2003 and more than 75 percent of the top Global 100 companies are choosing Itanium 2-based technology. Leading companies in India too have adopted Itanium 2-based systems.

“Intel remains focused on removing the proprietary shackles that remain in the high-end of the server market segment, and with Dual-Core Itanium 2 processors we are delivering unprecedented IT freedom with a product that excels in performance, reliability and improved energy efficiency”, said Ramamurthy Sivakumar, country manager, Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd. “The broad system and software support for Itanium 2 processors enables CIOs to move away from aging and expensive RISC-based systems and instead direct those funds toward standards-based computing and business innovation”.

Intel’s flagship 9050 model features two complete processing cores and nearly triples the cache or memory reservoir versus Intel’s previous generation. It also can execute four instructions or threads per processor enhanced by Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology.

The new Dual-Core Itanium 2 processors represent the world’s most intricate product design to date with more than 1.7 billion transistors. This allows Intel designers to deliver new features to the Itanium 2 processor family that create robust virtualization capabilities, enhanced cache reliability and other mainframe-like capabilities.

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