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Intel Brings "Eye Candy" to Masses with Newest Laptop, PC Chips

Intel® Core Processor Features Create New Visual Experience, Lifestyle


  • Introduces much anticipated, game-changing 2nd Generation Intel Core processors. Adds a number of visually stunning features built right into the chips through processor graphics.
  • Includes surprising and exciting new features such as, Intel® Quick Sync Video, Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® Wireless Display 2.0 .
  • These processors offer amazing video technology. Intel® Quick Sync can convert a four- minute HD video file on a laptop to play on an iPod in only 16 seconds ii , or beaming it from a notebook to an HDTV using Intel WiDi 2.0 .
  • 20 new processors, new chipsets and new wireless chips including new Intel® Core i7, i5 and i3 processors, Intel® 6 Series Chipsets, and Intel® Centrino® WiFi and WiMAX adapters will power more than 500 new PC systems.

New Delhi, India, Jan 6, 2011 – With more than one million computers sold each day, Intel Corporation introduced the much awaited and game changing 2nd Generation Intel® Core processor family today. Intel disclosed some exciting and surprising new features and services, and several unique agreements that deliver an entirely new visual experience with processor graphics built in. More than 500 desktop and laptop PCs are expected from all major OEMs worldwide throughout the next year. In India, systems are likely to be available from OEMs like HCL, Wipro, MSI, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell amongst others as well as from local channel partners.

New features include, Intel® Quick Sync Video, and a new version of the company’s award-winning Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi), which now adds 1080p HD and content protection for those wishing to beam premium HD content from their laptop screen to their TV.

“The new 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors represent the biggest advance in computing performance and capabilities over any other previous generation,” said R. Sivakumar, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing Group, Intel South Asia. “The built-in visual capabilities enabled by these new processors are stunning. This, combined with improved adaptive performance, will revolutionize the PC experience in a way that is obvious for every user to see and appreciate – a visibly smarter performance.”

New Visual Experience for Today’s Lifestyles

The 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family is the first “visibly smart” microarchitecture to combine visual and 3D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip. Incorporating the newly architected Intel® HD Graphics on each 32nm die enables significant graphics performance improvements over previous generation graphics, for both HD media processing and mainstream gaming.

“These new features are bound to appeal to your senses and give you a better looking PC experience” said R. Sivakumar. “The visual features built into the processor deliver everything for a stunning and seamless experience when viewing and interacting with all your PC visuals. So what you see looks amazing and runs without any interruptions.”

New processor graphics technology will focus on the areas where most people are computing today: high-definition (HD) video, photos, mainstream gaming, multi-tasking and online socializing and multimedia. Enhanced visual technologies like next-generation Intel® HD graphics are built into every 2nd Generation Intel Core processor. For consumers, this means a dramatically improved PC experience, with better overall power management, greater efficiency and great battery life.

R. Sivakumar also demonstrated how consumers can now also use Intel® WiDi 2.0 by inviting Mr. Sanjay Gupta, COO of Star TV Network India*. Sanjay helped display the benefits of Intel® WiDi 2.0 by projecting content from Star’s online portal to a big screen HDTV. Additional Intel® WiDi 2.0 improvements include support for 1080p HD as well as protected content either streaming from the Internet or played locally from a Blu-ray* or DVD player.

Another unique element of the visual experience built into the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family is Intel® Quick Sync Video which takes the wait out of editing and sharing videos with astonishing performance that completes in minutes what used to take hours. Intel estimated that a 4 minute HD video that used to take 4 minutes to convert to play on an iPod would now take just 16 secondsii. The power of the 2nd Generation Intel Core processors for immersive mainstream gaming was demonstrated with a teaser from Call of Duty*, one of the most popular games played in India.

Smart Performance, Energy Efficiency and Intelligence Merge

The Core i5 and i7 processors also include the enhanced Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 . This feature automatically reallocates processor core and processor graphics resources to accelerate performance, giving users an immediate performance boost when and where it’s needed.

Other previously revealed chip features, all manufactured on Intel’s second-generation high-k metal gate transistors include Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), Intel® InTru 3-D, and Intel® Clear Video Technology HD. Intel® InTru 3-D enables immersive stereoscopic 3D to 3D-capable HDTVs or monitors via HDMI 1.4, making movie excitement almost come out of the screen. Intel® AVX increases performance for demanding visual applications like audio processing and professional video image editing like stitching together multiple photographs. Intel® Clear Video improves the visual quality and color fidelity during video playback for a spectacular screen experience.

The chips are made on Intel’s 32nm manufacturing process on the company’s second-generation high-k metal gate transistors. These unique advantages further boost performance; reduce power consumption for better battery life and smaller designs, and lower overall manufacturing costs.

Intel announced more than 20 processors, wireless adapters and chipsets, including new Intel® Core i7, i5 and i3 processors, Intel® 6 Series Chipsets, and Intel® Centrino® Wi-Fi and WiMAX adapters. More than 500 laptop and desktop PC platform designs are expected from all major computer makers worldwide based on these products. The quad core based systems will be available in early to mid January timeframe with additional dual core versions in February. Video, benchmarks, photos and more details www.intel.com/newsroom/CES.

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ii Video transcode claim using Cyberlink* MediaEspresso 6 to render a 4 minute, 449 MB, 1920x1080i, 18884 kbps, MPG2 video file for playback on an Apple* iPod* with resolution of 640x360, H.264, and file format of .MP4.
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