Jackson He
General Manager of Intel Asia and Pacific R&D Ltd., Software and Services Group PRC


Dr. Jackson He is General Manager of Intel Asia and Pacific R&D Ltd. and Intel Software and Services Group (SSG) PRC. Dr. He joined Intel in 1995, served in various leadership roles within Intel IT and Intel Labs, IAG, and SSG. In recent years, Dr. He focused on enterprise and cloud solution evangelization, a key driver of Intel Cloud Builder Program in China and an Advisor to Open Data Alliance (ODCA). Dr. He has extensive experience working with enterprise, Telco, and IPDC customers in China. He served as Intel’s representative at several standards groups (OASIS, WS-I, DMTF, etc.). Dr. He is well published including a book on future computing models and is a seasoned technical speaker. He received Ph.D. and MBA from the University of Hawaii.