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Software Services Division

Developing software and infrastructure to empower Intel’s emerging services strategy and on delivering revenue for Intel. The Division will specifically develop a common service delivery platform for deployment of various Intel services; will drive the Intel-wide process for investment in emerging service businesses; and will deliver services and SOA focused solution products to both expand Intel’s server market share and deliver SSG revenue for the company.

Our products:

• Intel® SOA Expressway:
Intel® SOA Expressway is a software-appliance designed to simplify, accelerate, and secure the Enterprise SOA architecture. It expedites SOA deployments by addressing common SOA bottlenecks – it accelerates, secures, integrates and routes XML, web services and legacy data in a single, easy to manage form factor.

• Intel® SOA Expressway for Healthcare:
The Intel® SOA Expressway for Healthcare (Intel® SOAE-H) is a high-performance integration platform for extending the healthcare data interoperability within or across the hospital healthcare information network. It is designed to support multi-site healthcare networks by allowing the healthcare independent software vendors (ISVs) to update their software offerings to an Intel SOAE-H-based solution. Healthcare ISVs can embed Intel SOAE-H in their software solution to provide the hospital networks with a high performance integration engine that supports multiple healthcare data formats.

• Tango Creek:
An in-house platform encourages and enables service offerings strategic differentiation in the marketplace by exposing Intel's Architecture tie-ins. This is particularly true for features that may be orthogonal to all services (e.g. security levels) and may be add-ons to any given service feature set. This program fosters the creation of a new services portfolio, removing duplicated infrastructure efforts, and consequently reducing development costs and accelerating time to market.

• Intel® Atom Developer Program:
-Provides developers with everything they need to create and then sell their applications to users of millions of Intel Atom-based devices.
-Gives developers, OEMs, and the ecosystem a framework to deliver great new applications directly to consumers.
-The Program provides software development support, application validation, and a worldwide distribution channel for applications and application components.
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