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SSG China Innovation Center

SSG China Innovation Center faces to the local market and global newly developing fields, breeding, raising and proposing the development of software and service technologies and their application and promotion in the market. Our related tech fields include Web 2.0 platform, visual computing, mobile Internet applications, cloud computing and so on. Meanwhile, we also work closely with universities and research institutes in China to renovate technologies and train talents together.

-Intel knowledge sharing platform: we develop and arrange web 2.0 community application and service based on this platform.

-Online education service solutions: We co-develop online education service software for primary and middle school students with well-known online education servers, to provide a homework system for teachers, students and parents based on web, by which they can communicate with each other.

-Web-LBS application platform: based on Internet, face to mobile terminal devices, provide positioning, tracking, related information and application services and provide API to the third party.

-Tracing: Take initiatives to expand and accelerate Power, Projection and Tracing Technology locally and globally.

-P2P streaming media technology: achieve the solution of transforming RichMedia in the Internet environment.

-Platform resources management solution: Using Intel’s advantages in platform technology to achieve the safe management of client and strengthen Internet application safety.

-Mobile Internet application platform: provide end to end solution to deploy the contents and applications from the Internet to multiple ends like MID, PC and cell phones.

-HCI tool package based on 3D visual: application developing package which can achieve Human-Computer Interaction Recognition thoroughly, integrating camera visual recognition and 3D inductor.

-Cloud Computing: We are also start to work on Cloud Computing, i.e. conducting benchmarking and workload analysis for LAMP-based cloud services, cloud clients and end-to-end interactions between cloud clients and cloud servers.

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