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System Software Division

System Software Division focuses on the development and innovation on Intel® core system software and platform technologies. Our core competencies include EFI/Framework firmware technologies, Linux*/open source technologies, MeeGo, virtualization technologies, OpenSolaris and System Optimization methodologies etc. Over the past decade, SSD PRC team has become an indispensable part of the larger Intel® global teams, also we made significant contribution to PRC local software and information industry.

SSD teams in China:

• Intel® Platform Innovation for EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface): We provide standard, modularity fundamental firmware for industry, replace legacy PC BIOS and promptly add value on Intel® Architecture.

• Open Source Technology Center: Focus on Intel® platform technology development and innovation in Linux* and open source field, including MeeGo, Linux* Kernel, open source virtualization software Xen*/KVM, Linux device driver and OpenSolaris. We also establish cooperation with the industry to provide strong support of Linux/OpenSolaris on the latest Intel® technology and products, and actively involved in open source community. For example, Meego project is to create the mobile internet future and enables rich internet & media experience, merged from Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo project. It supports multiple architectures and specially optimized for Intel® Atom Processor Technology, building solutions for the affordable internet-centric portable devices such as smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices (MID), netbooks, nettops, in-car infotainment devices (IVI) and other embedded devices.

• Tracing: Take initiatives to expand and accelerate Power, Projection and Tracing Technology locally and globally

• System Optimization Technical Center – Conduct benchmarking and workload analysis for LAMP-based cloud services, cloud clients and end-to-end interactions between cloud clients and cloud servers, at the same time driving best enterprise performance on IA by closely working with ISV and OEM. On the runtime technology perspective, we also provide highly optimized Java Virtual Machines and other runtime environments on top of IA-based client devices.

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