• Intel CTO and other senior research managers to show up at Shanghai IDF

[Monday, 10 March 2008] Head of Intel research division (the Corporate Technology Group, CTG), Intel CTO Justin Rattner, and some other senior managers will come to attend the Shanghai IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in the beginning of Apr, to (present?) the latest research achievements. All CTG’s activities are on the IDF Day 2. The Intel Research and Technology Track (code name is FUT) invited speakers including directors and principle engineers.

Appendix: Intel Research and Technology Track [ code name: FUT]
Title: Research for the Future: Realizing Tomorrow's Usage Models

FUTS001 Double the Future – Vision and Technology for Broadband Wireless Communication
FUTS002 The Demand for Many Cores: Tera-scale Usage Models
FUTS003 Using Wireless Device Sharing to Create New Mobile Usage Models
FUTS004 Delivering High Quality Content to Wireless Displays: Challenges and Opportunities
FUTS005 Biosensors and Information Systems: Changing the Paradigm for Biomedical Research and Practice
FUTS006 Rise of the Collective: Addressing the Needs of New “Communities” in the Age of the 3D Internet

Time: Apr 3, 2008
Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center

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