Research Labs

The research facilities in Intel China Research Center provide insight into future microprocessors and platforms, new uses and users for Intel® microprocessors with a focus on the Internet environment, innovations in technology and system architectures, and leadership in networking and communications technologies.

There are three main research labs in ICRC, and one center , the Advanced Platform Development Center:

  • Communications Technology Lab
    Communication Technology Lab (CTL) is focused on building future wireless networks and internet infrastructure by developing innovations, specifications and standards to bring seamless Internet access and communication to more people around the world. The Communications Technology Lab in ICRC will also work with PRC industry and universities on new wireless technology adoption and standards;  
  • Microprocessor Technology Labs
    Microprocessor Technology Lab (MTL) is focused on developing key technologies for future microprocessors and platforms. The Microprocessor Technology Lab in ICRC is researching compiler, managed runtime technologies and new user-interface modalities and usage models, future workloads and platform architecture, that will allow applications to harness the computing power of future Intel multi-core CPU architectures.

  • Advanced Platform Development Center
    Advanced Platform Development Center (APDC) is chartered to innovate component technologies and system architectures for Intel future chipsets and platform products, and focused on research and development on natural interfaces to enable new usages, devices and markets.

You can see some of the papers we have published on our  Publications page, a list of our staff and researchers on our People page.

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