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Intel® Education Help Guide

Need a handy tutor who is always ready to help your students' complete tasks with productivity software? What if your students want to make a bar chart from spreadsheet data, set up a three-column newsletter from a document, or add a photo to a multimedia presentation? The Intel® Education Help Guide provides step-by-step instructions for hundreds of these productivity tasks in user-friendly, non-technical language. Visual images accompany each step to show how it's done.

» See step-by-step instructions while you work

» Promote technology literacy skills

» Support English language learners


Help GuideHelp Guide
Launch the Help Guide that matches your software version and operating system. You can also select Help Guide in another language.

Help Guide in the School
Find strategies for promoting technology literacy using just-in-time instruction.    
Help Guide for English Language Learners
Learn strategies you can use with your ELL students.

How Does the Help Guide Work?
Watch an animated demonstration of Help Guide .

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