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The Global Symposium on ICT in Education 2011, co-organized by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST), the World Bank, UNESCO and Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) in partnership with Intel Asia, will be held from November
7th -10th in Seoul, Korea to discuss Benchmarking International Experiences.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are widely considered to be of vital importance in increasing the effectiveness of education. Many countries are investing a lot of money, time, and effort for ICT in Education.

Nevertheless, there are persistent problems e.g. unreliable comparable data in this area of ICT in Education. Many policy makers agree on the existence of such and have been discussing it internationally. A solution will help policy makers establish effective and systematic policies.

In this regard, this symposium will provide the platform for sharing ideas and debating issues with regard to ICT in Education indicators and data, and establishing policy for ICT in Education.


This symposium will focus on helping policy makers establish effective and systematic ICT in education policies by sharing various ideas. Thus, the main objectives of the course are to:

  • Share and discuss search results of ICT in education indicators and data
  • Address complex issues of establishing ICT in education policy
    1. What evidence is there for ICT in education policy?
    2. What are the implications for developing countries?
  • Provide a bigger picture of smart education for paving the way for future education
  • Develop global cooperative networks to collaboratively share ideas, experience and best practices of ICT in education

Target Audience

The primary audience for the course is policymakers, high and mid-level government officials of ministries of education as well as ministries of finance and planning and practitioners in developing countries currently implementing or planning large investments in ICT use in education. Shared information can be used as reference data to implement educational policy as well as knowledge-expanding initiatives.


The venue of the symposium will be at the Kumkang room, floor A1 of the Ritz Carlton. The hotel is within close proximity to anywhere in Seoul, including the famed Gangnam Street. The nearest Subway station is the Sinnonhyun station, Exit No. 4.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Travel Expense Coverage

Organizers and partners will cover followings for your participation;

  • Flight: Economy class round-trip ticket for international trip to Korea
  • Hotel lodging: For the 4 nights of November 6th(Sun), 7th(Mon), 8th(Tues), and 9th (Wed) with checking out at noon of Nov 10th(Thurs) will be covered.
  • Internet will be available and covered in your room. (Not in the conference room.)
  • Meals:
    3 meals per day during November 7th(Mon)~9th(Wed) will be covered.
    On departure date (November 10th), breakfast and lunch only will be provided.
    Meals prior to November 7th and after November 10th lunch will be on your own.
  • Other expenses not listed above (e.g. visa fee, local transportation within your home country, per-diem etc) will NOT be covered by conference.