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I. Introduction
The Global Symposium on ICT in Education will be held November 1 – 4 to enhance close collaboration among participants and foster discussion regarding their efforts towards the development of ICT in education policy.  It is being co-organized by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST), the World Bank, UNESCO, the Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS), and partnered with Intel Asia Pacific, and the IDB. The symposium will serve as an initial forum to share knowledge related to the development of ICT in education agencies.

Many developing countries have embarked upon and others are seriously considering large-scale roll outs of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in their education sector.  Similar processes began in most OECD countries 10-20 years ago, in many middle income countries more recently. Structurally, education systems organize themselves in various ways to fund, implement and oversee these sorts of initiatives, which are typically quite expensive and complex and the related organizations evolve, in ways incremental and radical, over time.  Despite the highly varied local contexts, in most countries, a single institution is core to the implementation of ICT in education initiatives.

Some key questions related to the development of national ICT/education agencies in developing countries to be considered at the symposium:

  • How should an education system structure itself to meet new challenges in this area, and what roles and responsibilities could/should a dedicated ICT/education agency or unit play?
  • What global and regional models for ‘good practice’ exist?
  • How should such an institution be organized and staffed?
  • What funding mechanisms exist for such institutions, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • How can these organizations be restructured to meet future challenges?
  • How have such organizations evolved over time, and what implications might there be for the future?

II. Venue
The venue of the symposium will be at the Kumkang room, floor A1 of the Ritz Carlton. The hotel is within close proximity to anywhere in Seoul, including the famed Gangnam Street. The nearest Subway station is the Sinnonhyun station, Exit No. 4.

The Ritz-Carlton HotelThe Ritz-Carlton Hotel