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Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some details for all your queries on the IAAF 07 to be held in Delhi, India from 24th to 26th Oct 2007.

Q: Where is the conference venue?
A:This year the Asia Academic Forum 2007 is being hosted at “The India Habitat Centre” New Delhi, India. For more information on the venue, please visit:

Q:If I register myself on the site to attend the conference, do I have to bear some costs to attend the conference?
A:The moment you register on the website, you will receive a confirmation through e-mail, Intel will arrange for the following:
- Airport transfers to & fro
- One single room for 3 nights from 23rd to 25th Oct’07
- Transfers from hotel to conference venue on all days
- Group city tour if you choose
- The cost for the above will be taken care by Intel if you are an invited guest from the academia.
For others Intel will make hotel booking with direct payment by guest as billing instructions.

Q:How do I know if I have been successfully registered?
A:After Successful form submission, it will automatically redirect to a Thank You Page showing up the message "Thank you for registering. In case you have submitted partial data, do login and update remaining details at the earliest."

This page will automatically redirect to AAF home page in 5 seconds.

Currently there is no confirmation mail system is available with the Registration Form. If the users re-login to the form, they could confirm their entry as the values will pre-populate to the form.

Incase someone else is registering for the attendees; need to pass the Registration URL, unique username & password to the attendee after successful registration and hence the attendee could add/modify/view the values.

Please note that the username & password used for one person should not be used for registering another person. If do so, the first person’s record will be overwriting!

Q:What meals will be taken care by organizers?
A:Breakfast – 23rd to 26th Oct’07
Lunch - 24th to 26th Oct’07
Dinner - 24th & 25th Oct’07

Q: Where is the stay arranged for the participants/delegates?
A:The delegates stay has been organized at hotel “Intercontinental Eros” located at Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Q:How far is the conference venue from the hotel?
A:It is a drive of approx 30 to 45 minutes from the hotel to conference venue.

Q:How do I reach the conference venue and return back to the hotel everyday?
A:Shuttle services would be arranged for delegates on all the days of the conference at no cost and delegates would be requested to report at the travel desk for transfers to the venue and the hotel.

Q; What do I do when I reach the Delhi airport?
A:After you land kindly proceed to collect your baggage post immigration checks and approach the conference help desk set up near the exit gate.

Q:Will there be my placard or someone to receive me?
A:Hostesses and volunteers present at the helpdesk would receive you and guide you to your respective car / coach to be taken to the hotel.

Q: How far is the hotel from the airport?
A:The drive would take approx 30 minutes early morning and approx 45 to 60 minutes during peak traffic.

Q: What is the present room tariff at the hotel per person for one night stay?
A:The rate is $390 including taxes for single room occupancy. If you need extra nights or double room, you need to forward the request to us by September 30.

The cost for 23, 24 and 25th October will be taken care by Intel for invited guest from the academia. All other extra costs have to be settled by the participants directly.

Q:What all costs are covered if I register?
A:Intel will arrange for the following:
- Airport transfers to & fro
- One single room for 3 nights from 23rd to 25th Oct’07 (for invited guest from academia)
- Transfers from hotel to conference venue on all days
- Breakfast – 23rd to 26th Oct’07
- Lunch - 24th to 26th Oct’07
- Dinner - 24th & 25th Oct’07

Q:What do I have to pay extra?
A:Your mini bar expenses and room service expenses, long distance calls from the room, spa bills, consumption of alcohol or tobacco from the hotel, private taxi ride and extended stay if any.

Q:What is the dress code?
A:Smart Business Casual’s is the forum dress code. AAF 2007 badge is mandatory to enter the conference venue and for all outbound activities arranged.