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Evaluation Results in Pakistan
Evaluation Surveys are conducted both in-house and through external agencies to ensure that results are 100% authentic and transparent.

Intel’s efforts towards evaluation are not aimed at conducting a one-off isolated survey or analysis. We strongly believe in evaluation being a core thread of all our efforts and activities. This proves our focus on quality implementation of all programs, to ensure that a maximum number of children and teachers benefit from our efforts.

Increasingly, detailed evaluation and analyses are being performed, based on which Intel®, in collaboration with the Federal and Provincial Education Ministries of Pakistan, can strategically plan and improve education systems through enhanced integration and implementation of the Intel® programs.

In Pakistan, at present the Impact Survey and End of Training survey are being conducted for Intel® Teach to the Future, whereas feedback is also obtained for all Science Fair activities.

Impact Survey
The goal of the impact survey is to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the implementation and the impact of the Intel® Teach to the Future program. This survey is completed annually and is conducted 6 months post completion of the training, to gauge implementation levels and the true impact of the Intel® Teach to the Future program on integration of technology in the classroom.

Trained teachers are interviewed on site at schools / colleges and are asked whether they have implemented technology in the classroom with children and whether they have noticed any changes in their own style of teaching and working. Most important, the impact on students’ motivation, confidence levels, team skills and improvement in other 21st century skills is assessed.

Our third-party evaluator works in collaboration with Education Development Center’s Center for Children and Technology EDC/CCT staff, Intel Education Managers, and the local training agencies to develop a plan and methodology and carry out the survey. As Intel® Teach trainings are conducted even in remote districts across the country, our evaluator also aims to capture data which is representative of our geographic expanse.

A range of qualitative and quantitative methods are used. Besides conducting on-site interviews, focus groups have also been arranged for teachers and principals to capture the qualitative aspects of the program and to identify the factors hindering integration of technology. 1:1 interviews with principals have provided a great deal of insight into the factors that promote integration of technology in the education system. More importantly, all our evaluation efforts help determine the barriers to effective integration, and form the basis of strategic discussions with key external stakeholders.

Key Findings of Impact Survey in 2006:
  • 74% teachers have used technology at least once or more in their classrooms with students.
  • 95% students agree that they show more motivation to learn in a technology aided environment.
  • 93% students agree that they have more in-depth learning and develop more confidence in a technology based learning environment.
End of Training Survey (EOT Survey)
The End of Training Feedback is completed by all Master Trainers and Participant Teachers trained under the Intel® Teach to the Future Program. As soon as the training is complete, the feedback is obtained.

The objective of this survey is to ascertain how valuable the participants found the Intel® Teach training, and whether they felt that it truly focused on the effective integration of technology into their curriculum. The survey also focuses on whether the learnings from our program and training can be implemented with students in the classroom to develop students’ 21st century skills through project-based and inquiry-based learning.