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Intel collaborates with Vietnam government to implement ‘PC for Life’ Program

Intel has partnered with Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) to develop education and ‘train-the-trainer’ programs to help increase the population’s digital literacy, especially for those in remote areas.

The agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the MIC pledging its support for the Ministry’s ‘PC for Life’ initiative, represents an important component in Intel’s efforts to partner with the Vietnamese government to help develop national growth and competitiveness through use of technology.

Under the MoU, Intel and the MIC will collaborate to bridge the digital divide by making connected PCs accessible to more Vietnamese citizens. The initiative is part of Vietnam’s 2020 ICT vision to have computers and access to Broadband internet services in 80% of Vietnamese households (reaching 20 million households).

MIC Vice Minister Nguyen Minh Hong said, "We acknowledge that collaboration between government and businesses is one of major solutions to boost Vietnam’s ICT development. I believe that the content of this MoU continues to sustain the effectiveness in our collaboration, in which we together can develop outstanding programs, bring benefits to Vietnam and IT businesses, including Intel”.

Tuan Phamdo, Country Manager, Intel Vietnam said, "Affordable and ubiquitous access to information technology will help improve the country’s PC literacy and global competitiveness and thereby develop an increasingly active role in driving innovation across the Asia Pacific region."

"In addition, it will provide greater opportunities for individuals to raise their standard of living by providing access to Vietnam’s growing information economy”, he said.