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Building Capacity for Social Innovation
Building Capacity for Social InnovationIntel Korea has partnered with the HOPE Institute to foster social innovation in Asia through an initiative designed to build the capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations (NPOs) and social entrepreneurs in the region.

Intel’s objective is to support the development of new ideas, strategies and organizations that can meet the challenges facing society and help foster the move toward more sustainable, innovation-based economies.

“Capacity building in NGOs plays a crucial role in fostering social innovation. Working in partnership with the HOPE Institute, Intel will help drive the development, strengthening and sharing of NGOs’ and communities’ knowledge, skills, processes and resources that foster social change and innovation” said HS Lee, President of Intel Korea.

Intel Korea and The HOPE Institute signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on February 15, 2011, agreeing to work together on strengthening the capability of NGO’s. The signing of this MOU follows the highly successful Asia NGO Innovation Summit that was jointly hosted by the two organizations in September 2010. Intel believes that ICT plays a critical role in fulfilling this vision and will help facilitate the sharing of best practices, resources and tools that focus on social innovation among NGOs in Asia.

“NGOs across Asia are embedded as major member of our society with focus on citizen participation” said Chang Guk, Kim, chairman of The Hope Institute. “The MOU agreement with Intel Korea will be great opportunity to innovate our society through NGOs and enterprises’ mutual effort.”

Mr. Lee agreed, saying, “To solve the common challenges that face society today, and in the future, and find alternative ways of moving forward together, NGOs across Asia need to learn and share ideas on how to build their capacity and constantly develop themselves in an innovative way. Intel believes corporations should take an active role as a member of society. This initiative represents a fundamental shift in the relationship between enterprise and NGOs and I am pleased that Intel is leading in this way”.

The MOU between Intel and HOPE is part of a three year strategy that has the following objectives.

  • Strengthen the capacity of NGOs in Asia
  • Enhance the role of NGOs in positive social change and innovation in Asia
  • Realize the gains of ICT usage in Capacity Building and driving social innovations
  • Encourage further cross-sectoral partnerships