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Intel Helps Thai School to Skill Up on Technology

Intel Helps Thai School to Skill up on Technology

In the Ratchaburi province of Thailand, Intel has made a difference to students’ day-to-day learning, with the recent donation of PCs. The donation, to the Wat Koh San Pra School, is helping to improve learning experiences for 75 students.

Intel Helps Thai School to Skill up on Technology

The donation, in line with Intel’s ongoing commitment to integrate technology for improved learning outcomes, was presented as part of a lunch held for 19 monks from nearby Wat Koh Sarnpra, an ancient temple from the Ayudhaya Period.

Intel donated five desktop PCs and two Notebooks to the school and employees gave over $1500 USD to the school in the form of gifts and scholarship donations for 50 students.

Accharas Ouysinprasert, Managing director, Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) Ltd. said: “These gifts were a grass roots activity by the employees here in Thailand. Making a positive impact in someone’s life does not always have to be on a big scale. If we all do a little, it makes a big difference. These computers will help prepare the students for the demands of the twenty first century.”

In addition to the computers, local Intel employees personally donated some additional funding to provide further necessities for the students of the school.

Ajarn Nongnuj Puangsuk, one of the school’s teachers, said: “The computers we received from Intel today will help improve our teaching techniques and knowledge, while providing students with the much-needed tools to ensure they are better equipped to enter the workforce.”