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Rebuilding livelihoods in Flood Ravaged Karnataka

When major disasters strike, it takes more for communities to recover than just repairing buildings; it also requires rebuilding the damaged economies and livelihoods to get people back on their feet.

In late 2009, devastating rains destroyed entire villages in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka India. The floods destroyed over 50,000 homes, public buildings and other infrastructure, and many of the residents also lost their means of earning a living. Following the disaster, the government, corporations, and a number of NGO’s started the process of rebuilding the community infrastructure that was destroyed. Intel took a long term view of the recovery by announcing a program to restore over 4,000 livelihoods in Bagalkot district.

The effort focused on providing seed capital and skill development training for the people of Bagalkot in fields that are indigenous to the region. Intel worked with local NGO’s, Actionaid, Spoorthi, and the Rural Development Foundation to provide training to help the people of Bagalkot to rebuild their local economy and restore their dignity and self sufficiency.

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