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Digital Literacy and Community Empowerment

The Intel® Easy Steps Program gives adult learners the opportunity to improve their social and economic self-sufficiency through digital literacy. The Intel Easy Steps materials use proven adult learning techniques to teach practical and relevant skills to people with little or no prior computer experience.

The Intel Learn Program is a community-based effort in which under-served youth aged 8-16 learn technology, critical thinking, and collaboration skills using an engaging, project-centered approach. This program has helped more than half a million children globally, with 75,000 students participating in Asia Pacific in 2008.

The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is a community-based after-school education program. Individual Computer Clubhouses are hosted by community organizations and funded by Intel and other partners aimed at helping ensure that poor and disadvantaged children have a safe place to go to after school where they can also learn how to use cutting-edge technology. In Asia Pacific, there are seven Clubhouses in Australia, India, New Zealand, the Philippines and Taiwan.

The Intel® Education Help Guide is an interactive, step-by-step tutorial for students to unlock their technology potential, covering hundreds of demonstrations about how to complete everyday computer tasks. Do your students want to make a bar chart from spreadsheet data? Do they need assistance setting up a three-column template for a document? Do they need guidance on adding photos and videos to a presentation? The Help Guide is a handy tutorial that is user-friendly, offering visually-rich demonstrations, which use non-technical language easy for your students to grasp. Click to access the Help Guide in your local language .

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