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Intel: Home to The Largest Solar Facility in Vietnam

As one of the world leaders in computing innovation, Intel endeavors to go above and beyond making the world’s best chips, to being at the forefront of delivering quality of life to people around the world. Our goal is to seize every opportunity support the Asia Pacific region in building of smarter networks, cities and planets.

We aim to connect the next billion people to technology that helps them learn, succeed economically and improve their health. Our products and our projects aim to reshape tomorrow’s climate strategies. Meanwhile, our education and partnership initiatives are designed to improve education advantages and bridge digital and geographical divides.

In October 2010, Intel opened a $1 billion assembling and test factory in Ho Chi Minh City. We are proud to announce that in April this year, Intel opened the largest operating solar facility in Vietnam , located at Saigon’s High-Tech Park. This US$1.1 million investment is equipped with 1,092 solar panels and 21 adapters. It has an output of 321,000kWh per year, generating approximately 30 percent of the park’s office building power usage and significantly reducing CO2 emission yearly, by 221,300 kg. The plant will help Vietnam improve its clean energy credentials and enable further environmental projects and research.

Over the past 15 years, Intel has coordinated with the Vietnamese Government at all levels, as well as with its domestic and international partners, to successfully develop projects that increase the application of technology in all segments of society and transforming the country’s infrastructure and education system.

It is our belief that innovation is the answer to a brighter sustainable future for all. It is this unwavering belief that drives our efforts to demonstrate technology leadership through collaborative partnerships, education and entrepreneurship. Intel’s efforts in Vietnam are testament to our commitment through innovation to improve the quality of life for people in the Asia Pacific region, by creating solutions for tomorrow, today.