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Intel’s passion for innovation is reflected in our strong commitment to social responsibility. We strive to be an asset to the communities where we live and work. We recognise that business success comes hand-in-hand with the health of the planet and economies around the world. By making our communities and environment a better place to live, work and learn, we can enrich the lives of everyone throughout Asia Pacific.

Social innovation is a priority for Intel’s staff around the region. The objective is to support the development of new ideas, strategies and organizations that can meet the challenges facing society and help foster the move toward more sustainable, innovation-based economies. In October, Intel co-hosted the 2nd Asia NGO Innovation Summit (ANIS) in partnership with the Hope Institute. Held in Korea, the summit brought together thought leaders and policy makers from across Asia Pacific to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of NGOs in Asia;
  • Enhance the role NGOs play in positive social change and innovation throughout the region;
  • Realize the gains of ICT usage by sharing expertise on usage and impact of ICT in tackling global challenges;
  • Encourage cross sectoral partnerships.

Over the two days it became clear that from a global perspective, Asia has played a significant role in working to solve long-standing and seemingly intractable social problems as well as those that are newly emerging.

The summit is in line with Intel’s ongoing work around the region to improve the lives of its citizens. For example, in Malaysia on International Women’s Day (March 8) we launched the Get SETT program, an extension of our global STEM initiative, which is helping nurture the scientists, engineers and technologists of tomorrow. Students participated in a ‘Systematic Innovation’ exercise to learn an innovative approach to problem solving, analysis and critical thinking skills. Using Lego* Robotics, students discovered the fun in science and technology by building, programming and operating their own robots. Feedback from the students was incredibly positive, so we’ll be running future sessions throughout upcoming school holidays for students.

These initiatives only work because of the dedication of Intel’s staff who generously give their time to help others through Intel Involved. In Korea, for example, we hit the 95 per cent participation rate for the fourth consecutive year and in Taiwan over 50 per cent of Intel employees put in over 4,500 hours of volunteer work in 2011. This dedication helped Taiwan receive fourth place in the foreign company category from CommonWealth Magazine’s CSR awards.

Conservation efforts are a key priority for Intel around the region and Taiwan was one of the many countries that got involved in volunteer projects for Earth Day 2011 . Ninety employees, families and friends joined with The Society of Wilderness for ‘Family Earth Day’ in the Yilan Shuanglian Reservoir Wetland to experience hands-on education about nature, wildlife and conservation. Conservation efforts also took place in Vietnam including tree planting at Quoc Hoc Hue Second School. And, in India, the company’s support of employee led Social Entrepreneurship efforts enabled multiple innovative programs including integrating a software solution on low cost netbook computers to assist the visually impaired and a project to help researchers conduct studies on endangered tiger populations.

The great work will continue in 2012 as Intel continues to innovate and throughout the year there will be plenty of new initiatives launched in our ongoing mission to take care of our planet, bring new possibilities to people everywhere and enrich the lives of everyone on Earth.