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2012 Events
As one of the world leaders in computing innovation, Intel endeavours to go above and beyond making the world’s best chips, to being at the forefront of delivering quality of life to people around the world.

In April this year, Intel is proud to announce the opening of the largest operating solar facility in Vietnam, demonstrating our commitment through innovation to improve the quality of life for people in the Asia Pacific region.

2011 Events
Intel’s passion for innovation is reflected in our commitment to social responsibility. In October, Intel co-hosted the 2nd Asia NGO Innovation Summit (ANIS) in partnership with the Hope Institute. The summit brought together thought leaders and policy makers from across Asia Pacific to develop new ideas, and strategies that can meet the challenges facing society and help foster the move toward more sustainable, innovation-based economies.

Other efforts to improve the lives of citizens across the region included the Get SETT program in Maylaysia, an extension of our global STEM initiative, to help nurture the scientists, engineers and technologists of tomorrow. In addition, many countries in the region participated in a range of volunteer projects for Earth Day 2011 . And, in India, the company’s support of employee led Social Entrepreneurship efforts enabled multiple innovative programs including integrating a software solution on low cost netbook computers to assist the visually impaired and a project to help researchers conduct studies on endangered tiger populations.

For Earth Day 2011, Intel volunteers expanded existing programs and implemented new ones as diverse as educational roadshows, recycling projects, reforestation and organic farming.
2010 Events
Each year in April, Intel employees across Asia Pacific demonstrate their commitment to the environment by celebrating Global Earth Day. This year, Intel Malaysia celebrated Global Earth Day by launching a year of environmental initiatives with the communities of Kulim and Penang.
Intel’s work to raise awareness of environmental issues, such as the K-12 e-Green Initiative , the ' Go Green ' campaign and World Environment Day 2010 , has seen Intel Korea awarded the ‘ Excellence Award ’ by the Ministry of Environment in commemoration of World Environment Day 2010.
2008 Events
On 19 November 2008, Will Swope, Intel Corporate Vice President signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Korean Minister of Environment and the President of Korea Environment Education Association for Korea’s K-12 e-Green Initiative.