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Teacher Impact
What Are the Program Goals for Teachers?
Focused evaluation efforts measure program performance in relation to program goals. The first step in an effective evaluation, therefore, is to ensure that a program's goals are both well-defined and measurable.

The Intel® Education Initiative international evaluation teams use a strategic outcomes model that defines the indicators by which program impact is measured. This model informs the design of the evaluation methods and tools, as well as the analysis of the results.

For the Intel® Teach Program, the primary indicators of program impact on teachers can be grouped into three categories: incorporating new pedagogy, creating a 21st century classroom environment, and increasing technology use.

Is the Program Meeting Its Goals?
Data about one of the core components of Intel Teach, the Intel® Teach Essentials course, indicate that teachers have very positive experiences during the training, and that they leave the training feeling prepared to use what they have learned in their teaching practice.

In follow-up surveys, the data show that teachers use technology in new ways and use new pedagogical strategies in their classroom teaching after their participation in this course.

Technology as Motivator

There is always that one student in your class. Mine came in on a daily basis without his homework; it was a constant issue. His skills began to fall further and further behind because of that.

And here was my motivation. On Friday afternoons, when the kids would be working on a computer project, he was not allowed to work with them.

Every week, he had the same question for me, "Mrs. Smith, when can I work on that project? I really want to work on that project."

That child almost never comes in without his homework now. Technology is such a motivator.

Debbie Smith, Fourth Grade Teacher,
Mills Elementary, Austin, TX

  • Read first-hand accounts from some Austin-Area Teachers on Intel Teach:
    Educated Feedback (PDF 55KB).
Intel® Teach Program impact: video

Educators discuss how the program has affected their classroom practice.

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Global evaluation results
Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course
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Intel® Teach Program Thinking with Technology Course
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Intel® Teach Program Leadership Forum
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Intel® Teach Program Pre-Service Program
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Impact Stories
Case Studies
In rural South African schools, technology classrooms and technology-savvy teachers are changing the way teaching and learning are done.
Teacher Interviews
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