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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Gives Praise to HEEAP

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives praise to HEEAP

The Intel Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) has been commended by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for its success in collaboratively empowering the next generation of engineers with the skills to propel Vietnam to the global stage.

The foundation of a highly skilled workforce begins in the classroom, and the next great idea can come from anyone. That is why Intel has continuously focused on championing learning programs that unlock potential, ignite local talent, and enable educators to build an environment that fosters innovation.

Acknowledging the importance of education and innovation as a key ingredient in developing economies, Secretary Clinton said, “attracting more foreign business takes more than lowering trade barriers; it also requires an educated workforce prepared to compete for 21st century jobs.”

She explained that, “Intel is deeply invested in Vietnam, and they recognize that to continue growing, they need to help improve the engineering skills of their workforce. So they teamed up with Vietnamese technical schools, USAID, and Arizona State University to form a new alliance that trains engineering faculty in practical, project-based instruction techniques.”

This program, HEEAP, was established in 2010 by partnering with governments, education institutions and industry leaders in the US and Vietnam, the program seeks to work with universities to increase the amount of practical application of skills in Vietnam engineering programs and to extend unique training opportunities for engineering students across Vietnam.

In Clinton’s remarks, she also praised the recent addition of a HEEAP scholarship program designed to encourage women to pursue education in the engineering and science fields, recognizing their potential as a driving force for Vietnam’s future economic growth.

Since its inception, the program has enabled more than 100 faculty members at Vietnam’s universities and technical schools to receive training in the HEEAP education model.

Technology and education are powerful change agents to enrich our lives, guiding personal, economic and social growth. Intel will continue to invest in the expansion of the HEEAP program to prepare today’s university students with the skills to solve tomorrow’s challenges.