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Intel Pakistan and Roots School System Collaborate on ICT Curriculum

Intel Pakistan and Roots School System Collaborate on ICT Curriculum

Intel Pakistan and the Roots School System (RSS) completed the development of a unique and innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum that is designed for students from Grade 1 to Grade 7 to help promote digital literacy, critical thinking, collaboration and team work.

Chaudhry Qamar Zaman, federal secretary of the Ministry of Professional & Technical Training, Naveed Siraj, country manager, Intel Pakistan, and Faisal Mushtaq, executive director of RSS supported the effort to help change the current paradigm of education in Pakistan. The introduction of this new curriculum represents a significant step towards helping teachers and students achieve technology literacy, thus converting them into digital citizens and active learners.

Speaking at the occasion, Intel Pakistan’s Siraj said, “ICT in education promotes the acquisition of the knowledge and skills that empower students for lifelong learning. ICT-supported learning encourages interaction and cooperation among students and teachers as it greatly facilitates the absorption of knowledge. We are thankful to RSS in supporting this cause as it serves our mission to open doors to unlimited opportunities and empowerment to students of Pakistan.”

The initiative was undertaken by Roots School System in collaboration with Intel Pakistan and represents the culmination of 2 years of collaborative effort. The RSS Project Team congratulated and thanked the Intel Education team for inspiring and leading the development of this 21st century skills based curriculum.

RSS Department of ICT is committed to ensuring that the students and teachers are provided with excellent education that encourages integrated virtual teaching and learning, thus enabling ICT is an essential component to building bridges across the digital divide for the 21st century learner. “We lay tremendous emphasis on developing global community and work-based technological awareness through this curriculum. Building lifelong learning skills is a part of the RSS academic experience and philosophy. RSS remains constantly and inquisitively aware of its responsibility to prepare its students to become digital citizens and future technology leaders.” said Mr. Chaudhary Faisal Mushtaq, executive director and project director, ICT, at RSS.