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Transforming Education

Transforming Education

Anjan Ghosh, Regional Director, Corporate Affairs, Asia Pacific

In 2011 we made significant strides in transforming education and building 21st century skills across the Asia Pacific region. We have engaged and catalyzed governments on education transformation and policy; expanded our education initiatives with new partnerships, programs and tools; celebrated the impact these initiatives have on students and the accomplishments of teachers ; and marked some momentous milestones along the way.

To thrive in the global knowledge economy and succeed in the workplace of tomorrow, children require an education focused on building 21st century skills. Education drives future economic growth and gives countries a competitive edge. But more powerful than that is the transformative effect it can have – to change the lives of individuals, underpin our communities and enrich the lives of every person on earth.

We invest in teachers so they can inspire our students to be innovative, creative and prepared with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills imperative to our future. In September we reached a staggering total of 10 million teachers trained globally under the Intel Teach program. In our region, over 2.5 million teachers have been trained in 12 countries: Australia, India , Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia , Pakistan, Philippines , Sri Lanka, Taiwan , Thailand and Vietnam . In Sri Lanka we celebrated five years of supporting education through initiatives like the Intel World Ahead , Intel Skoool and Intel Teach programs.

Outstanding teachers across the region have experienced the transformational impact education has in the classroom and in the community. Intel partners with local governments through programs such as ‘Technology in Education Awards’ , to recognise teachers who are evolving their lesson plans to better prepare pupils for 21st century careers. The winners of ‘The Regional Intel Teach School Awards’ held in Jakarta this year, serve as role models, helping inspire others to enhance the learning of their students through the integration of technology, creativity and innovation.

Equipping teachers with the skills needed to make learning more compelling and relevant not only empowers students to create a more prosperous future, as students in India illustrated, it can also help foster community inclusion and solve some of the leading environmental and social challenges facing us globally.

Technology and education are powerful change agents. We are sought throughout Asia Pacific for our expertise in their application, acting as a trusted advisor to governments in the development of curricula and educational programs that extend digital literacy to all. In Pakistan we have completed the development of an Roots School System that was two years in the making.

Children are the world's most valuable resource. They will create a future today’s generation can’t even imagine. As sponsors of tomorrow, Intel is helping to make the changes today that will make what they imagine tomorrow possible. Transforming education makes it possible to empower a child to create their future, to inspire a teacher to guide them on that journey and to fulfil the dreams every parent has for their child.