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Intel partners with Punjab School Education Department

Under the Intel® Education Initiative, Intel and the Punjab School Education Department have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate the integration of ICT in the education system throughout the province. The purpose is to use the Intel® Teach Program to train teachers on ICT and educate them on modern teaching methodologies which will enhance students’ 21st century skills.

As part of this initiative, Intel will deliver ICT training to all government teachers to incorporate the Intel® Teach curriculum in the education system. Intel aims to educate 29,000 IT and subject teachers over a period of 3 years. Together with the Punjab School Education Department, Intel will also hold workshops to promote ICT integrated, and project-based, learning in schools.

For the first time ever, the Schools Education Department has allocated one week throughout their yearly calendar for ICT education in schools. In addition, the government has agreed to implement the grades 6 and 7 student curriculum under ‘Skills for Success’, first through a pilot in specific districts and then across the province, which will build a solid IT education foundation for the students.

In conjunction, Intel will hold science and research events and competitions at the regional and provincial levels to promote an interest in science and research.

The Additional Secretary, School Education Department, Government of Punjab, Izhar Ahmed said, "The effective integration of ICT into the educational system is an elaborate, multifaceted process that not just involves technology but also curriculum and tutelage." He further added, “Intel Pakistan, with the implementation of the Intel Teach and Intel ISEF programs in the province, will provide unprecedented support and opportunities for both teachers and students in ways unimaginable.”