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Inspiring Young Innovators (IYI) School Program Launch

Inspiring Young Innovators (IYI) School Program Launch The IYI program was launched at Mallya Aditi International School in June 2009 by Sathish Jayarajan, Principal of Mallya Aditi International School, together with Rahul Bedi, Director of Corporate Affairs, South Asia, Intel. The Inspiring Young Innovators school program is being piloted by selected schools in Bangalore during the 2009-2010 academic year, with support and guidance from the Intel® Teach Program. A key objective of the initiative is to kindle the scientific and technological spirit which will inspire and empower students and the school system, to move towards greater innovation and creativity.

Mr. Jayarajan said he was grateful to Intel for supporting the launch of the IYI initiative. He also recalled the school’s association with Intel in the past – the company had previously given the school a ‘Best Integration of Technology in Education’ award. In a speech to students and teachers, Mr. Jayarajan urged them to take advantage of the opportunity offered to them and participate actively in at least one event or activity in the coming year. As part of the formal proceedings, a letter of agreement was also signed by Mr. Jayarajan and Mr. Subodh, Head of Corporate Affairs South & West India, Intel.

Inspiring Young Innovators (IYI) School Program Launch A similar launch event was held at Inventure Academy in July. The event was a combined launch for Greenwood High and Inventure Academy and began with a short cultural program performed by the students. This was followed by an introductory address by Ms Nooraine Fazal, CEO and co-founder of Inventure Academy. Ms Fazal discussed the education sector in India and the opportunities offered by the academy, which underlines its emergence as a new centre for knowledge and innovation.

Inspiring Young Innovators (IYI) School Program Launch Mr. Bedi spoke to an audience of parents, teachers and students about the ways in which the program broadens the horizons of the students to give them the opportunity to look at research and science in a more comprehensive manner. J. Muralidhar, Executive Director, Greenwood High, expressed his gratitude to Intel for launching the initiative and to Inventure Academy for hosting the launch event.