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Intel® Teach Pre-Service Training Draws Acclaim in Sri Lanka

In July 2009, the first ever group of ‘teacher educators’ from the National Colleges of Education (NCoE) successfully completed the Intel® Teach pre-service training program at the NCoE in Siyane, Uyana. The training program was organized by the Ministry of Education’s Chief Commissioner of Teacher Education, Y.A.N.D Yapa, with the support of the President of Siyane NCoE, Nimal Jayasekara. The resources for the program were provided by Anura Dissanayake, Project Director of the Secondary Education Modernization Project (SEMP), a program of the Ministry of Education.

Nineteen teacher educators from NCoEs in Sripada, Saripuththa, Siyane, Mahaweli and Hapitigama attended the six-day program, which was conducted by the manager of the Intel® Teach training team.

On the last day of the program, the teacher educators confidently showcased their project portfolios to Mr. Yapa, Mr. Jayasekara and Mr. Weerabahu.

Intel® Teach Pre-Service Training Draws Acclaim in Sri Lanka
Teacher educators with Intel® Teach program supporters and members of staff.

Mr. Yapa gave positive feedback about the teacher educators and voiced his commitment to continue the training program in other NCoEs. He also thanked the SEMP and Intel for having provided the training with great enthusiasm and interest.

Mr. Jayasekara sat in on some training sessions and was highly impressed by the disciplined and organized manner in which the training was conducted. He said he appreciated the value that Intel® Teach programs have created for NCoEs in Sri Lanka.

The Intel® Teach pre-service training program plans to help teacher educators and all future teachers of Sri Lanka with their professional development by ensuring they are equipped with 21st century skills. It helps teachers to be more effective educators by training them on how to integrate technology into their lessons, as well as promoting problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills among their students.

The training program also aims to promote student-centered approaches by helping teachers to engage with students in relevant ways, using appropriate technology for learning, creativity, and communication. Intel® Teach is the largest, most successful program of its kind.