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Intel® Teach Program Brochure
“Intel Teach…changed my whole view of education, as I now see that education and technology should go side by side.” - Dr. Majdi Al-Mashaleh, Master Teacher, Jordan
Preparing students for a 21st century global economy
Success in a knowledge economy requires an education focused on building 21st century skills, such as digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. These competencies are crucial for young people around the world to function in and shape the world ahead.

As a driving force for the digital transformation sweeping the globe, Intel is uniquely positioned to help governments and organizations transform and enhance their educational efforts.

The Intel® Teach Program-part of the Intel® Education Initiative-is the most successful educator professional development program of its kind. Working with local governments, the Intel Teach Program aims to build students’ 21st century learning through quality teaching. This unparalleled public-private collaboration has trained more than 4 million teachers globally, and is committed to training an additional 10 million teachers worldwide by 2011.

Professional Development Program
Intel Teach is a research-based program where K-12 teachers worldwide learn the optimal ways to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) tools and resources into their own lessons. The range of course offerings:
  • Delivers face-to-face and online professional development.
  • Enables teachers to introduce, expand, and support project- based learning techniques in the classroom.
  • Provides the flexibility to adapt to a country’s evolving infrastructure and addresses individual teacher readiness.

“The implementation of the Intel® Teach Program in China has helped teachers better integrate information technology in education, spurring education reforms, enhancing education quality, and accelerating the professional development of teachers in China.”

Guan Pei-Jun, Head of Teacher Training,
Ministry of Education, China

Intel Teach Program portfolio
Whether a country has excellent Internet connectivity or very limited connectivity, the enhanced Intel Teach Program portfolio has offerings designed to enable teachers to introduce, expand, and support 21st century learning with project-based approaches in the classroom.

Free classroom tools: The Intel Education Web site offers robust, practical, easily integrated content and resources, including exemplary lesson plans, assessment strategies, technology-enriched project ideas, and higher-order thinking tools, in more than 15 languages. Find out more at: www.intel.com/education

Results that matter: A three-year evaluation of the Intel Teach Program finds that a large majority of teachers increased the use of technology in the classroom after taking an Intel Teach course. Learn more at: www.intel.com/education/EvidenceOfImpact

Intel® Teach Program offerings
ICT Teachers Skills for Success Course Training on a student curriculum that develops digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills.
Classroom Teachers Getting Started Course Introduction to classroom software productivity tools and student- centered approaches to learning.
Essentials Course (In-service and Pre-service Teachers) Face-to-face training on how to integrate technology into existing classroom curricula to promote student-centered learning.
Essentials Online Course (In-service and Pre-service Teachers) Training on the same skills as the Essentials Course, through a blend of face-to-face and online training.
Thinking with Technology Course Training on effective technology integration skills using online thinking tools to enhance students’ higher- order thinking skills.
Advanced Online Course Training that enables teachers to build communities to advance their integration of technology and 21st century learning though a hybrid blend of face-to-face and online training.
School Leaders Leadership Forum Interactive forum focused on leader-ship in promoting, supporting, and implementing effective tech- nology integration in schools.
Enhancement materials
Online tools and resources
Help Guide, Assessing Projects, Designing Effective Projects, and Thinking Tools.

Join the Intel Teach Program
Give your students the 21st century skills that will help them succeed in a global knowledge economy. Encourage your local education agency to identify candidates for Intel Teach Master Teacher training. Make it possible for teachers to learn from other teachers’ best practices on how technology integration can enhance student learning. Once trained, these Master Teachers recruit and provide professional development for Participant Teachers.

To get involved or receive more information about the Intel Teach Program, visit our Web site: www.intel.com/education/teach

Worldwide commitment to education
The Intel Education Initiative is Intel’s sustained commitment to prepare all students, anywhere, with the skills required to thrive in the knowledge economy by improving teaching and learning through the effective use of technology, and advancing math, science, and engineering education and research. Through a sustained public-private partnership with educators and governments in more than 50 countries, Intel works at an international, national, and local level, and invests approximately USD 100 million per year in education programs.

“Teachers who use technology in the classroom provide their students with an environment that is stimulating and interesting. Students are always more engaged in the learning process when they are doing something….Many of our teachers have stated that the training has renewed their passion for teaching.”

Jeff McCoy, Director of Instructional Technology,
Greenville County Schools,
South Carolina, United States

For more information, visit: www.intel.com/education

Programs of the Intel Education Initiative are funded by the Intel Foundation and Intel Corporation.

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